Soil Essentials

Soil is the basis of plant health so if that’s not right, guaranteed your plants won’t be either. We have a range of products to improve all soil types.
From Gypsum to help cure clay soils, Wetting agents to overcome hydrophobic soils and Organic composts such as Humus Plus, Enriched Planting Mix and Blended/Cow manure to help improve sandy soils.
No matter what soil type you have we can help you give your plants the best possible start. The more you do initially to improve the existing soil the better your garden will be in the long run.
Feel free to bring in a soil sample from your garden, whilst we can’t do a full analysis, we can generally recommend what your soil needs as well as testing for pH which is a free service and only takes a couple of minutes. The correct pH can be a major factor for some plants.

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