Mulches & Potting Mixes

Just like soil, the right potting mix for the right plant is vital for good health.

There is no point buying an expensive plant if you expect it to live in a poor-quality potting mix.

We have an extensive range of potting mixes to suit all types of plants and budgets ranging from ‘Fruit and Citrus’, Native, Cacti & Succulent, Orchid Mix, Tomato, Vegetable & Herb, Camellia & Gardenia, Seed raising Mix, along with all purpose Potting mixes such as Premium, Terracotta & Tub and our top of the line Pot Power.

Mulching plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy garden, not only does mulching conserve water and suppresses weeds, it looks good too!

Our mulches range from organic types such as Sugarcane, Lucerne and Pea straw in compressed bales which break down adding valuable nutrients to the soil with Pea Straw also available as good old-fashioned bales.

Decorative mulches are available in natural & designer pine bark which are perfect for native styled gardens whilst our red & black coloured mulch adds contrasting colour to contemporary style gardens These are all available in conveniently packaged bags ready to go and are competitively priced in a multi buy.

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