Outdoor pots

With decorative pots being such an important part of Garden décor these days it is important to ensure we have a range to suit all gardening styles and budgets.
Pots are such an easy way to liven up an entrance or patio area and can really make a statement as a standalone feature.
Sourcing products from Northcote Pottery, Terracotta Works and AVC to name a few we are able to stock Classic Italian terracotta, Concrete Urns, Glazed pots and saucers as well as the extremely popular Lightweight pots which come in an amazing colour range and finish and includes shapes such as classic cylinders, egg pots, cubes and troughs.


Water Features

There is nothing more soothing then the sound of trickling water and when you come to Wombat Gully Plant Farm you will see some amazing Water Features dotted throughout the nursery which is sure to give you some inspiration for a water feature in your garden.
From classic Tiered Fountains perfect for formal styled gardens, Large Cauldrons, Jars & Urns as well as some very modern looking column and sphere type water features there is something to suit every garden. The best part about our water features is that they come complete with pump and all you have to do is plug them in!
If you’re after a water feature but do not have power available or your garden is only small, then our fabulous range of water bowls might just do the trick.
In varying sizes and shapes our water bowls come in a great colour range that is sure to blend with your surroundings and are available in both concrete and lightweight. With our fantastic range of water plants, you could pick up a bowl, 2-3 plants take it home and in 10 minutes have your own little oasis.


Statues & Birdbaths

From Gnomes hiding amongst the foliage, Buddha’s, Modern silhouettes, Elephants and even a Wombat or two the nursery is filled with garden ornaments to suit everyone’s taste and are available in an array of colours and finishes.

For the bird enthusiasts, we have plenty of birdbaths available in varying colours and sizes.
From Large Old stone birdbaths to modern glazed ones there are many different styles to choose from so keep the birds happy and get a birdbath today.

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